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Hi I'm Eric today I'm going to show you how to set up a pleading form with Microsoft Word 2010 we're going to be starting off by working with the template that you can get from Microsoft Office comm and here I'll show you how to pull that template up from inside of Microsoft Word okay we're going to start off by selecting file on the top toolbar I'm going to go down some new under the Microsoft Office comm templates we're going to type in pleading we're going to search that we want a 28 line pleading form, so we will select 28 line pleading form we're going to download that this will open up our pleading all right now that we've got our template opened we're going to go up to the top of the page, and we're going to double-click on the header then copy all the way down the side so that we have all of our lines selected we're going to go to Arial where I go to a 10-point font the reason we're going to use a 10-point font is because that's the largest font size that you can get twenty-eight lines double-spaced on a page in Microsoft Word, so you go any larger you're going to cut the bottom of your letters off we're going to go ahead and double-click on the inside of your body to get back to editing your body alright now I'm going to show you how to make the caption and the body line up with the line numbers we just set up, so we're going to highlight all of our line numbers show you at all 28 of them we're going to select our font same when you as the outside, so we're going to go aerial we're going to go 10 point fonts see how everything nicely lines up with our line numbers, so now I'm going to show you how to set up your footer scroll down to the bottom double-click on the footer itself right this is just a place where you type in whatever the word for title for your document is you know cleaning or give me or whatever and you, but you notice right now that this is a double-spaced style we don't want that so going to do highlight that we're going to at home you got no spacing on that let's go back to the center get rid of these numbers I'm put my number somewhere else now I want a horizontal line or Y a horizontal line right in front of that, so I'm going to go to my bar drop-down and select a horizontal line and now on above that I would like to put my page number, so again I'm going to Center it to the center of the screen I'm going to go to my insert page number put current position I just want to be a plain number now this will go and change the page number as you go through your document just to show you everything fits add another page to my document we're going to go down the bottom you see now it says page two okay now I'm going to show you how to enter the information into the document I'll show you how the page is already PRE laid out for you so as you see go with our name of our attorney we're going to go John Doe Esquire you see how this enters in as a single space all right do the same thing here drop our information down you'll...
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